Introducing: Samuji Prints by Antti Kalevi


Samuji Prints by Antti Kalevi collection salutes the beginning of a new decade in Samuji’s existence, with the ready-to-wear line turning 10 years old this year.

Continuing Samuji’s tradition of producing in-house print fabrics, Prints by Antti Kalevi collection features five contemporary prints designed by the celebrated Finnish illustrator Antti Kalevi.


In his work, Antti Kalevi aims to display things at their bare essence – while keeping the poetry.

His illustrations often have a playful undertone, a sense of spontaneity that is emphasised by the bold use of colour and organic shapes.

In Samuji Prints by Antti Kalevi collection, the focus is on the ease and relaxed feel of the silhouettes, giving centre stage to the lively presence of the prints.

The colour palette of burnt orange, petrol and brisk pastels is enriched with splashes of bright pink, zesty yellow and sky blue. Forming the canvas are natural fibres – cotton, linen and silk.­


Discover Prints by Antti Kalevi here.