Introducing Samuji Uninen print

Samuji Uninen Print

”Uninen” is the Finnish word for sleepy. Consequently, the Samuji Fall Winter 2018 Uninen print was inspired by the designer Matti Pikkujämsä’s insomnia in autumny Japan.

When Pikkujämsä travelled to Tokyo last October, he was hit by a rough jet lag. While he could not sleep one night, he ended up wandering into a bar at the Shibuya district. At the corner table of that bar, he started to sketch on a piece of brown paper with an indigo coloured ink stone he had just bought. The end result was the Samuji FW18 Uninen print which drew its inspiration of Pikkujämsä’s surroundings and the sleepless Tokyo nights.

Samuji Uninen Print

Samuji Uninen Print

Uninen is printed on a beautifully draping viscose fabric. The print comes in full-length Umika Dress, pyjama-like Geralyn Trouser and Usra Shirt set, and a classic Finch Dress.

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