Let Love Conquer Fear

Samuji Ford Sweatshirt Love

Kindness, sustainability, equality and solidarity are the core values we hold dear at Samuji. They are the basic guidelines on which we base everything that we do. As a company, we feel that our responsibility is also to pass our values on to society.  

Every now and then, we come by a cause that goes beyond clothes and design. In today’s world, it is ever so important to make sure everyone is treated equally, and as a company, we stand against all kinds of discrimination.
As a part of our Pre-Spring 2019 collection, we bring you the Ford Sweatshirt in Love colourway. It is our way of making a statement on our values and beliefs. But making a just a statement didn’t feel right for us. With the sweatshirt, we want to do something concrete and contribute to a bigger cause.
Therefore for each sold shirt, we are donating 10€ to SETA - LGBTIQ Rights in Finland.
SETA is a Finnish non-profit organisation that aims for an equal society and individual welfare that includes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Samuji Ford Sweatshirt Love

The Ford Sweatshirt is made of 100% cotton manufactured in Finland, and it is made in Estonia. The shirt is a unisex item. It is sold exclusively at Samuji House and online.

Join our cause now and let love conquer fear!


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