Samuji Annual Scarf 2019 by Louis Fratino is here 

Samuji Annual Scarf 2019

Vivid colours mesh with dreamlike bodies in Louis Fratino’s take on Samuji’s annual scarf, a much-anticipated and ever-evolving yearly classic.

Louis Fratino’s interpretation of Samuji’s staple annual scarf draws inspiration from the nuanced universe of Pablo Picasso and silk patterns by Henri Matisse. Like a painting within a painting, it is a delightful visual conundrum. “I like the idea of a double scarf – a man holding a scarf in a scarf,” explains Fratino. “It’s like seeing a photograph of a photograph, or yourself in the mirror twice.”

Fratino’s body of work is largely based on personal experiences and the fragility of seemingly small and insignificant details. His paintings are fleeting split seconds captured by his confident, visible brushstrokes; supple bodies, intimate moments and the honesty of an embrace. For him, painting is not an act of pressure, and when works, he follows his nose to see where it leads him. “I try to talk with paintings and let them tell me what they want,” says Fratino.

In a time characterised by smartphones, wifi connections and identity politics, Fratino’s largely autobiographical work taps into a universal yearning for authenticity and tangible connections. “I believe that by being specific about my own experiences, I can make a connection with others,” he explains. “At the end of the day, we’re all really similar.”

Louis Fratino (b. 1993), is a visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His body of work comprises of paintings and drawings that depict acts of love and intimacy and explore the social understanding of homosexuality and the narratives that surround the gay experience. 

The first Samuji Annual Scarf, painted by Karoliina Hellberg, was launched in 2016. Since then, the Annual Scarf has been reimagined by Tuukka Tammisaari (2017) and Natasha Magariel (2018). Working with a new artist every year is our way of introducing young talents to new audiences and reinventing the scarf as a garment year after year. All of our silk scarves are made in Como, Italy.

Karoliina Hellberg 2016
Tuukka Tammisaari 2017
Natasha Magariel 2018

Samuji Annual Scarf 2019 is now available at Samuji stores and online!

Samuji Annual Scarf 2019

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