SEES Essential Oil No. 3 Eucalyptus

SEES Essential Oil No. 3 Eucalyptus

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Essential oils affect our minds and feelings in different ways. Some of the essential oils refresh and invigorate, some relax and soothe. Essential oils are also helpful for falling asleep, muscle tension and digestion.

SEES Essential Oil No. 3 Eucalyptus is a 100% natural and undiluted eucalyptus oil. The scent of eucalyptus is fresh and cooling and relieves respiratory symptoms and congestion. Eucalyptus scent brightens thoughts and calms the mind, and is ideal for massage and aromatherapy.

Use the essential oil to freshen room air, bath and steam water to trigger muscle tension. Mixed in body moisturizer or skin oil, it functions as a chemical-free fragrance.

10ml in a glass bottle.

SEES essential oils are of 100% natural origin. They do not contain animal testing, artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Made in Finland.


Glass bottle


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