SEES Fragrance Stone

SEES Fragrance Stone

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SEES Fragrance Stone is a natural diffuser and evaporator for essential oils made by hand in Finland.

Each SEES Fragrance Stone is unique, hand made and painted. The stone is developed to absorb the oil quickly, and slowly and cleanly evaporate the odour.

The essential oil dripped onto the stone gradually evaporate the aromatic scents into the room air, and by doing so, also cleaning the room air, and refreshing, relaxing or invigorating the mind - depending on the oil chosen.

SEES Fragrance Stone is an ecological way to evaporate oils. The stone is also easy to move from room to room and can be safely left unattended, for example in a bathroom or bedroom. The stone is also suitable for keeping in a car where it will freshen the air naturally.

Made in Finland.


100% Clay


Shipping to Finland EUR 10

Shipping to EU countries EUR 20

Shipping to countries outside of EU EUR 40