Samuji Lavender Pillow in Linen and Silk

Lavender Pillow Classic

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Slip the Lavender Pillow under your sleeping pillow to get a good night's rest or store in a closet or suitcase to perfume your linens.

Lavender has also been used as a repellent in closets: apart from mosquitoes and ticks, lavender is known to deter spiders, ants and fleas.

The Samuji Lavender Pillow has a linen and silk blend cover and is filled with French lavender. There's a zip fastening on the side of the pillow so it can be washed and refilled.

This product is made from a surplus fabric in order to extend the lifecycle of pre-existing materials and reduce textile waste.

Lavender from France, Fabric from Italy, Made in Estonia.


Cover: 83% Linen 17% Silk

Filling: 100% Lavender

The lavender is non-edible.




Measurements: 20 cm x 15 cm / 7,9 in x 5,9 in


Shipping to Finland only.

Shipping EUR 8,90

Kotipaketti, Home Delivery in Finland EUR 12,90


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