Laura Appointment

Following the appointment, Petris-Forsell leaves her post as Brand Director at Nosh Company, the current parent company of Samuji, and begins in the new position in January 2022. “It has been an incredible journey - I’ve gotten to be a part of a growing group of wonderful and skilled people”, she says. “Now, I wish to use my experience to help Samuji reach its full potential.”

Petris-Forsell graduated as an Interior Architect from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2002 after which she worked in the field for several years. “I’ve always been interested in different areas of design and art so I knew interior architecture was just the beginning”, Petris-Forsell says. Holding on to this thought, she started her own business creating paper art and curating and selling interior and art pieces by other artists. “After nearly four years of running my own company, I was at a point where I was about to make some big changes in order to grow my business. That’s when Nosh came along and I was offered an interesting job opportunity - here I am seven remarkable years later.”

During her years at Nosh, Petris-Forsell has worked in several positions, first as an Art Director, later as a Marketing Team Leader and most recently as Brand Director - “I’ve been able to constantly level up my skills”, Petris-Forsell says. “Working for a growing company you get very hands on with everything and see the development from many viewpoints. I think these experiences will guide me in the different phases at Samuji.”

Petris-Forsell has followed Samuji’s journey throughout the brand’s eventful past. “I’ve always been a big fan of Samuji. I think the brand is unique and has many lovable qualities. Samuji has huge potential and I’m very honoured to be part of the story from now on.”

Petris-Forsell believes that a strong team is the key to success. ”Samuji may be different from the brands I’ve worked with before, but the same basic rules apply to any brand or business. Everyone working with Samuji has a clear picture of why we do the things we do, where we are heading and how. I believe that love and deep understanding for the Samuji brand is necessary in order to take things forward and succeed.”

During her previous position, Petris-Forsell also worked and researched on sustainability in the industry. “I have a good view on what’s going on in the field, what‘s happening on a global scale and how sustainability requirements and communication will evolve”, she says. “In an ideal situation, every step of a single garment’s life cycle is carefully considered and reasoned and these stages are transparently communicated. There are so many stages in this process that getting to perfection can seem impossible sometimes - however, this has to be our aim.” Petris-Forsell believes that the customer’s role is also crucial in achieving sustainability goals. “After we make sure everything is done correctly at our end, the most important role of the chain is the customer’s. People should buy based on what they need - and love the garments as much as we do.”

Antti Järvinen, CEO of Nosh Company, has worked with Petris-Forsell for several years as a colleague and superior. “It has always been such a pleasure to work with Laura and I’m very happy about her new position”, Järvinen says. ”Laura has a strong background with brand, marketing, communication and sustainability in the clothing industry - the kind of skills, experience and enthusiasm that Samuji needs right now.”

Looking ahead, Petris-Forsell wishes that Samuji continues to evoke feelings and offer delightful moments. “I want to embrace the fine qualities of the Samuji brand and make sure love is present in everything we do. We at Samuji want to evoke holistic and emotional experiences and always be memorable”, Petris-Forsell says. “In a very strange world that has a lot going on right now, we wish Samuji offers a safe home, gives joy and is curious at the same time.”