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Deep-rooted sustainable mindset

When it comes to sustainability, there are no shortcuts or quick wins. At Samuji, sustainability is a deep-rooted commitment - a responsible approach is constantly present and progressive.


Transparent actions and communication

In all of our operations we consider the social and environmental impact. Transparent, clear and ongoing communication on what this means in practice is a necessity in our work.


Continuous development and studying

We strive to explore and evolve. We are committed to learning and reinforcing the things we already do well. We like to think that excellence is achieved at a leisurely pace, by continuous studying and introspection.


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Samuji Circular

We aim to bring the beloved Samuji Circular service back. Celebrating the long-term appeal and durability of our pieces, Samuji Circular allows our customers to recycle their pre-owned Samuji clothing and offers them to new owners. We are currently exploring the best ways to provide high quality service and benefits to our customers. Our goal is to get Samuji Circular up and running again during 2023.


Count our carbon footprint

We aim to calculate our carbon footprint so that we can monitor it, take action to reduce it and find suitable ways to compensate. We have only recently re-started our operations, so our goal is to calculate our carbon footprint for the first time in 2023.


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