Recyclable Packaging

Customer Deliveries - Reuse and Recycle

Web shop packaging and production packaging are a part of a company’s carbon footprint so also in these areas many sustainable decisions can be made. For us this means sourcing the packaging materials as locally as possible and choosing environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods.

We want to take care and appreciate our products by packing them neatly for our customers, in a way that they are well protected. The items purchased from Samuji are wrapped in thin printed paper and then packed in cardboard boxes. There are no plastic used in our web shop packaging. Our packaging is:

- 100% made from renewable raw materials
- 100% recyclable as household paper or cardboard
- 100% locally produced - both raw materials and packaging are manufactured in Finland and Estonia

We always pack your order in the most suitable box size available. We do our best to avoid empty space and unnecessary use of tape.

We hope that the carefully chosen quality packaging materials encourage not to waste them but reuse them as long as possible and recycle after the packaging is no longer used.


Samuji sustainability leaf 

Protecting the Clothes 

We put a lot of thought, time and love into our clothes. We want them to reach you flawlessly, creating the joy they are designed to create. That is the main reason why Samuji clothing is packed in protective bags for transport and storage. This is the only phase we still have plastic present. There are advantages of using a protective bag:

- the garment remains intact and clean
- no need for transport preservatives
- clothes can be transported in a smaller space - saves energy
- reducing the loss of unsellable clothing
- the bag is 100% recycled as energy waste in our warehouse 

    Protective bags are important in our production chain and as for now it's not reasonable to give up using them. However we are constantly exploring different alternatives to the current plastic material with our producer. We hope that a bio-plastic or recycled plastic option could be a possibility in the near future. 

    Plastic bags are never used in the deliveries of customer orders. We will make sure that we recycle all of the protective bags accordingly. 


    Open the packaging material list in PDF here.


    Samuji Packaging Material list



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