Designing Long-Term

How We Design


Samuji's design is based on a genuine interest in the future and our love for the environment. With our designs wish to offer a holistic experience that evokes feeling. We believe in the freedom of expression through clothing.

This is why Samuji is more than the individual pieces we offer - functional clothing or designer wear. Samuji is self-expression and freedom! We stand for creative thinking and have a passion for sustainability, high quality, aesthetics and surprises.

We have defined design values to guide us in understanding the holistic experience that can emerge from clothing:

CARING  -  Functionality, responsibility, beauty and customer intimacy
CONSIDERATION  -  Sophistication, comfort, taking into account the past, present and future, curated ensembles
FREEDOM  -  Empowering creativity, curiosity and self-expression. Freedom that releases imagination.

We hope one finds a way to express oneself with our clothes.


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Wear and Care - Lengthening the Life Cycle 


All Samuji pieces are designed and manufactured with longevity in mind. The longer we love our clothes and other possessions, the lighter their impact on the environment gets. This is why designing long-term is crucial - quality means the world quite literally. We ensure that our products are manufactured with skill and care from excellent materials, resulting in timeless collections in both quality and style.

We know from research that one of the most important ways to influence the total emissions of the clothing industry is to make the clothing last and used longer. If the garment was used twice as long, the textile industry’s CO2 emissions would be reduced by 46% (Finnish Textile & Fashion, in Finnish). This is why we have the responsibility to create sustainable pieces that are worthy of your long-lasting love. A garment that is loved the longest is also the most sustainable.

Keeping items in good condition and usable for as long as possible requires love for the garment in the form of care. We help to correctly use and take care of our pieces to prolong their life cycle, and thus minimise their environmental impact. Every product has its own care instructions on the wash label of the garment and also online on the product page.

We are happy to provide assistance and advice on how to make your Samuji items and materials last. You can contact our customer service at

In Finland we are happy to assist our customers also if they have more unique needs for care or repair, by for example taking pieces to our trusted seamstress in Helsinki. The price of the service depends on what is being repaired. Contact us at for more information.


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Emotional Durability - Value that Lasts


A simple design often requires the most thought. The best kind of design also takes a bit of poetry - a particular vision, expertise of material and appreciation of design and craft.

There’s a sense of art and emotion present as well - linings that are soft to touch, big enough pockets to keep your hands warm, expressive prints and prestige fabrics. Special attention is put on how one feels when wearing the garment. 

A product that results from this kind of approach can be viewed emotionally durable. This type of product goes beyond having a function - it has that certain appeal and character that makes you love and cherish it for years.

Emotional durability is the goal we wish to achieve with all of our designs - a sense that one could easily value, commit to and love the garment. 


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