Hi, We are Samuji

With our ready-to-wear line launched in 2011, our ambition is to produce sustainable and timeless designs that serve a purpose yet carries a story.

”A Love of necessary things, simple functionality, kindness”

These are values that we hold dear in everyday life and that lead our work. Coming from the Nordic, we are at home with the understated, organic, function-oriented aesthetic we grew up with. But there is something even more fundamental to Scandinavian design that we believe in, which is a democratic approach to design and life. Design can be kind, approachable and inclusive.

Complete Wardrobe

Our collection presents a complete wardrobe for women, bringing together two separate lines: Samuji Classic and Samuji Seasonal. Samuji Classic carries permanent, timeless clothes and accessories, while Samuji Seasonal is a more bohemian and colorful collection renewed seasonally.

Our homeware line Samuji Koti was introduced in fall 2014. The word Koti means home in Finnish.

”Premium materials, original prints, art”

All Samuji items are crafted out of quality materials from European and Japanese suppliers and produced in Europe by carefully selected manufacturers. The raw material is our starting point for every piece. Along with sourcing original and innovative fabrics, we produce our own. Samuji Prints is an evolving collection of in-house print fabrics, that are born in collaboration with illustrators and artists we admire.

How can we make this better?

Improving the everyday life through good design is central to the Samuji vision. Luxury, at its core, is caring. It is attention to details that make a positive difference. If having pockets in a dress comforts the shy mingler, let’s have more pockets.

A refined wardrobe brings ease and freedom to pursue the real things in life. Our clothes are designed to inspire all Samuji women to be more confident, to feel beautiful, and to speak up.


Samuji Studio