Letter from the CEO

It is heartwarming to hand this Sustainability Review over to you, our reader.

Samuji was born sustainable. From the beginning, one of our leading thoughts has been that the clothing business should be more ethical and responsible - design with a kind mind.

Kindness can be many things. For us at Samuji it’s respect towards the planet and people, profitability through impactful honesty and goodness. Nevertheless, it has been a significant effort for a small company such as ours, to calculate every yarn and packaging shipped, evaluate the impact of our business on the environment from all the various perspectives.

So now that we’ve just published our very first sustainability review, I'm incredibly proud of our team and the fact that we now have a proper view and precise standpoint on these matters. This said, the report does not complete our goal of a sustainable company. A description of our current state of operations is merely a beautiful opportunity to finetune our vision into yearly targets and impactful actions.

We aim to become better every year and set clear goals, such as being carbon neutral, to mention one. We wish to make profits through sustainability in all its areas - develop social responsibility and improve diversity and the impact Samuji has on people.

This report could be called the beginning of a new era in our sustainability thinking. By knowing every inch of pollution we make, we can also start fighting to reduce and redeem in new ways. For 2021, for example, we have decided to offset all consumer-facing logistics. Shipping from is now carbon-free. Zero plastic goal we have already achieved in our consumer packaging and soon hopefully elsewhere too.

I have been a fan of Samuji since its foundation in 2009. The philosophy of durable design combined with long-lasting natural materials has always felt intriguing. Conveying pleasant thoughts from the drawing board to manufacturing and to customers' minds is not an easy task. Nonetheless, I have never had to question Samuji in achieving this.

Since last year, I've had the privilege of deep-diving into the company's philosophy as its new CEO. I believe that most challenges can be solved with good design. This philosophy I will embrace in Samuji also in the future. We will tackle some of the biggest challenges the fashion and design industry has, to enhance sustainability through design, no matter what it requires us to question and reorganize.

It's a mutual journey - the kind mind can only exist with friends supporting it. Thank you for building the future together with us!

Tytti-Lotta Ojala
CEO of Samuji


Welcome to read Samuji's Sustainability Review 2020

Sustainability is our long-term commitment. There are no shortcuts or quick wins – as there shouldn’t be. Our approach is gradual and progressive, organic improvement step by step. Sustainability is kindness, longevity and transparency, standards that are always present in our work.

In our first Sustainability Review, we wish to illustrate how these values and guidelines come to fruition in our daily practices. As important as these policies and actual operations are, equally important is offering a proper view on them, the information for reviewing - with minimum embellishment.

Read the full Sustainability Review 2020 below.

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