Samuji Circular

What is Samuji Circular?

Samuji Circular is a selection of preloved Samuji items that are sold exclusively at Samuji House. The selection consists of second-hand Samuji pieces that are brought in by Samuji's customers and staff members in order to sell them forward and lengthen the lifecycle of these products.


How to participate as a seller?

Fill in a registration form here.

Then bring your items to Samuji House within 7 days from the registration. Or, ship your items to:

Samuji Oy, Mikonkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki. p. 040 3507976

If you choose to send your goodies, make sure to choose a trackable shipping method. Samuji is not responsible for lost deliveries. All delivery costs remain as sellers responsibility.


What can I bring?

We welcome Samuji pieces from all past collections and categories: women's and men's, accessories and Koti - Home items. You can participate by bringing one item or twenty, the number is entirely up to you.

Make sure the Samuji piece you wish to sell is clean and intact. One way to evaluate your item's condition is asking yourself, would I hand this over to a dear friend to wear?


What does participation cost?

If your item gets sold, we will keep 50% commission of the retail price marked on the hangtag. Samuji will reserve the handling costs and banking fees.


Why is Samuji taking a commission?

We take commission because we need to work quite a bit with the pieces that you send us. Once we receive your item, we will make sure it looks beautiful in the store. First, we steam it. Then we figure out a price that we believe would sell well but also gives you the best possible return. We tag each item with a unique Samuji Circular tag with your chosen seller name displayed on it.

We make sure COVID19 safety is taken care of, see more below. We also take care that the money from sales is transferred to the sellers within 14 days from the purchase.


How do I get my money from the sales?

Sellers will receive their entire sales amount minus Samuji commission as a bank transfer for each piece sold as part of the Samuji Circular selection within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Discount for the sellers

Sellers also get a 15% discount on their next Samuji purchase, handed once we've received the items. The discount can be used once per customer and is valid for 12 months from the date of receiving it.

The discount can be used on our full selection, excluding gift cards, rental services and items from our third-party collaborators such as KIDE cosmetics, SEES Company and Toshiaki Hoshi Ceramics.

If you wish to post the items, we will send the discount via email. We will send the discount coupon as soon as we've received and handled your items, kindly allow this to take some days.


What happens to items that are not sold after 6 months?

We will keep your items as part of the Samuji Circular selection for 6 months from receiving them. If your item is not sold during this time period, we will send you a note and ask you to collect these items. You may pick up your item at any time during the 6 months time period.

The unsold items must be picked up from Samuji House and can't be shipped.

If an item gets stolen at Samuji House, Samuji will not be responsible. However, we will do our best to keep the store space organized and safe to prevent this from happening.


How is safety taken care of?

At Samuji, we will do all we can to offer a safe store atmosphere:

1 -  Only a limited number of people are let to enter Samuji House at once. All others are to wait outside keeping the 2m safety distance.

2 - We offer hand sanitiser at the entrance of Samuji House.

3 - We recommend shoppers to use a mask if the space is crowded.

4 - We remind shoppers to keep a safety distance.

5 - We regularly clean the surfaces at Samuji House.


What if I still have questions?

Don't worry! For any questions or inquiries, kindly contact us at