Get to know Pauliina Holma

We at Samuji have been big fans of Holma’s work for quite a while now so we are pretty thrilled to have had the chance to collaborate with the artist whose imagery transports us into another world. With her distinctive illustrations, Holma portrays a world of whimsical, pastel-filled landscapes and quirky settings - often evoking a sense of nostalgic charm.

Holma’s illustrations have been featured by platforms the likes of Soho House, Gummerus, Timma and various magazines such as The Atlantic and Image. This winter, Holma illustrated a post card for Samuji, portraying two embracing water birds under a blossoming branch and a crescent moon.

We had a little chat with the artist about her inspirations - and her next baking plans.

What inspired you when you were making this illustration?

Last summer I spent a lot of time by the sea and noticed how even in the city the nature was quite diverse. Observing the water birds living by reeds from springtime till fall was fun, calming and somehow comforting. There they were, simply doing their own thing and minding their own business! In the illustration I wanted to portray nature, joy and care for others.

What technique did you use? Was this work somehow differently made in comparison to your other works?

The drawing is digital despite the hand-drawn appearance. I draw all of my works but I don’t use traditional pencils or papers even in the sketching phase. I like to work closely on intricate details but, at the same time, I hope I could find ways to leave more space for spontaneity and chance.

Is there some specific element in the Samuji brand or aesthetic that resonates with you?

I find the minimalistic aesthetic of Samuji very approachable. When we discussed themes for this illustration, kindness was one of the central topics - in the drawing I tried to capture a sense of warm lightness linked to that.

What inspires you at the moment? What has inspired your work recently?

A while ago I was going through some photos from a trip a couple of years back, and it got me really excited and inspired. It didn’t really make my longing for travel disappear, but I did notice a happy shift that followed in the direction of my thoughts. Music is another important tool for me to evoke senses. I listen curiously to all kinds of stuff and I often pick up colours, atmospheres and shapes from the feelings that rise.

Has the pandemic affected your working situation somehow?

Since I normally work alone, the pandemic hasn’t really affected my work that much. However, I have managed to build a set of routines not typical for me in order to add some structure to the otherwise monotonous days.

What are you planning to do next?

Next, I’m planning on relaxing and baking some kind of gorgeous Christmas cake! I’m going to spend holidays at my parents’ place in the countryside cooking a lot, so as soon as my work calendar allows, I will immerse myself into cookbooks (especially eyeing on desserts!) and learn at least one new card game.

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