Designer Anne-Mari Pahkala is the new Head of Design at Samuji - “I see a bright future for the brand”

November 10th, 2021

Anne-Mari Pahkala begins as Head of Design at Samuji in January 2022. The first Samuji pieces showcasing the Finnish designer’s expertise will be launched for fall 2022. 

“Samuji is a unique brand with a beautiful message. As a designer I particularly appreciate the brand’s values and the design philosophy.” Pahkala views the brand’s eventful past and the new era as a continuum. “Changes will be made but in a way that pays attention to Samuji clients’ wishes and respects the prestigious brand.”

Pahkala finished her BA in Fashion Design in 2007, after which she has gained experience as an entrepreneur working diversely in fields of fashion and clothing both in Finland and in Italy. Pahkala’s designs have been photographed on various Finnish celebrities from politicians to actresses. 

Having a dialogue with the customers plays a major role in Pahkala’s work as a designer. “Customer focus is an important aspect of my design philosophy. I wish to welcome all customers and fans of Samuji to join us on this new journey together.” Pahkala believes that the value of customer focus is increasingly emphasized in the clothing industry in the future. “Building a sense of togetherness between a brand and its clientele and strengthening the current customer bonds are essential themes for me”, Pahkala says.

Pahkala sees many similarities between the Samuji brand and her own design ideology. “My design philosophy is also built on sustainability, material focus and timeless, high-quality design”, Pahkala says. “Other important values in my work are the story and history of womanhood, equality and self-actualization - all of these themes have been and will continue to be a part of the beautiful story that is Samuji.”



Besides for the shared set of values Pahkala identifies with the brand for its minimalistic and clean-lined aesthetic. ”I’m intrigued by the harmony created by the combination of minimalism, playfulness, space and light. Also nature and its multifacetedness are important elements and inspirations for me.” 

Pahkala believes in continuous progress and learning new. ”I’m inspired by change, its possibilities and the future”, the designer says. “Our environment is currently in a stage globally where many things are being reformed, constructed again. Design is a part of this evolving landscape - when the environment changes, it also affects humanity. This thought really fascinates me at the moment.”