SEES Aroma Stone

SEES Aroma Stone

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The Aroma Stone is a natural diffuser and evaporator for essential oils. Each Aroma Stone is unique and hand made.

The essential oil dripped onto the stone gradually evaporates aromatic scents into the room air, cleaning the air and providing a refreshing, relaxing, or invigorating experience for the mind, depending on the chosen oil.

You can use different oils on one stone according to your preference. We offer lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender scents. The stone will have dispersed the fragrances within 2-3 hours. Paired with an essential oil bottle, this makes a perfect gift.

The Aroma Stone is an ecological way to diffuse oils. The stone is also easy to move from room to room and can be safely left unattended, for example, in a bathroom or bedroom. Use it on your desk during work or night table in the evenings.

The clay stone is made in Finland. 

Product info

100 % clay

The stone will naturally darken with age depending on the oils used.


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